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Morning campers 😉

I’ve been writing in Polish for a while and I know that there are a few people out there who really enjoy reading my entries. However writing in English is a completely different matter!
Nevertheless, we promised ourselves that during our trip we will do things we love as finally we will have some time on our hands, and for me learning something new is definitely something I enjoy. So here we go I will write here at least twice a week for everyone who is interested in our endevours and adventures 😉
There is nothing better than sitting in the office or in your home, buried deeply in your comfort zone and reading about what happens to some crazy people who travel with a lurcher, on a tight budget in a 28 year old car!

OK, are you ready?

We only left Plymouth a few days ago, but it seems we’ve been in transit for much longer as we’ve been to so many different places and experienced more than in a month of our previous, settled life…

I remi was rember that Marek was planning to leave Plymouth in the morning by 9 am… It wasn’t easy for me as it was the first time I was saying good bye to my parents knowing I will not see them for the next three months… And I don’t care how old I am, it was a struggle!

Anyway, we stopped in Wiltshire for our first night and I couldn’t believe how the landscape and environment can change in a matter of two hours of drive.
We were so lucky.
Marek used an app for finding wildcamping spots and found a pub near Stonehenge, whose owners kindly allow overnight parking. It was in a centre of a beautiful village which to me loooked very Polish 😉 As we were reaching our destination we saw waving fields of wheat and maze. Blimey. No sheep???
No, no sheep babe, which means that soil there must of much better quality than in the Westcountry and local folks are able to grow crops.
I was mesmarised with thatched cottages and stunning gardens. It seemed that every single person living there did nothing apart from tending their lawns and making crotchet curtain nets.

As I was filiming one of the gardens a lady’s head popped through the first floor window and shouted to me: ‘ I am glad you enjoy my flowers’. I said: ‘Yes, they are lovely and I am making a video’.
Then the head disappered back into the house. The house wwas lovely too. It reminded me old, wooden houses you can see in etnographic parks in Poland.

As I was walking away I was thinking aloud and said to the camera: Oh I wish I asked the lady if she could talk to me a little and take part in the video… As I was finishing saying that, the lady ran towards me with a piece of paper in her hand saying: I just thought that if you are making a video, please send me a link! Here is my email address.

😉 We went back to her garden and shot a few scenes together. Her name is Priscilla and I was overwhelmed with her kindness. She told me a little bit about the house and the garden. The house was originally a barn which burnt down and was rebuilt in 1980s. The kept some old beams, probably inside, as the outside looked very modern. I noticed a good battery of solar panels on the roof. I told Priscilla that the flowers she had in her garden are very popular in Poland and that one day when we settle down I will definitely plant them too!
She smiled and said that she collected the seeds in France and at first she planted yellow ones, but she didn’t like them. this year she has magnificent red and pinks which attracted my and the bees!

In the morning I went for a nice walk with Diesel to see the rest of the village.

It looked like a village from a postcard or a tin of biscuits.

Opposite the pub there was a community hall with a clock tower. That clock was the only mean of telling the time we had that day and it was lovely to think that here come the days when we will not need to set a morning alarm anymore!

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