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Life is a journey. Time to say ‘see you soon’ and the most epic class ever.

Cześć Kazie i Kaziczki 😉

Hello Kazias and Kazikis!
Today I am writing in English because I am going to dedicate this entry to the lovely students I taught this academic year and of course not all of them are Polish 😉

Two months ago I have finally made my mind and handed in my resignation letter hmmm OK, OK… actually I was so busy with packing our stuff and clearing the house that I have sent a resignation email. It was on 28th of April which meant that my last working day was 28th of June.

However, as ALL (yay!) of my students passed their exams, I could get away with finishing the sessions before the official end of term.

Those of you who watch my vlogs know that Tuesday is… hmmm… was 😉 the busiest day of my working week and it turned out that Tuesday was my last day of teaching.

In a way it was lovely, because I could see almost all of my students and say ‘see you soon’ . I hate saying goodbye and it doesn’t matter if it is in Polish or in English. I prefer to say ‘see you soon’ 😉

My first class was with the 16-19s, who blimey, were upset and even a bit angry with the fact that THEIR teacher is leaving before THEY leave the college… I only taught them for a year, but what a year it was! We have had our ups and downs, but in the end we managed to build lovely relations and really got on well with each other.
I have never taught this age group before and I can tell you it was exhausting, still we had our little victories on the way, which kept us going. We were sharing jokes and together tried to do our best on often dark, wet and cold Monday mornings 😉 In overall it was a really mature group of teenagers and many of them had ‘an old head on young shoulders’… In fact we were learning life from each other, and by the way some English 😉 Seeing them for the last time for a while was hard. I assured them and myself that we will be in touch and I will visit them in their new classes in October to see how they are doing.
Will they be bothered by then? Time will show 😉

My afternoon class was cancelled and I only saw one of the students who had to do her assessment. Well, that’s college life, I was examining on my last day of teaching. Luckily, the lady did well and she passed. That was a nice conclusion of the course for both of us.

Then I had a bit of a break and went to my LAST stretch and tone class with the amazing Kaz – yes! the instructor’s nickname is Kaz! I had a really good time. I thouroughly enjoyed these classes for two years, and the best aspect of that was not being in charge 😉 Kaz’s great influence on my fitness and well being deserves a separate entry 😉 Which will appear. I promise.

The evening was like a cherry on a cake.
I knew that the students wanted to go out with me to celebrate their great exam results and to say farewell to me. It was a bit of a challenge to get them to college for the first hour to give them exams feedback, but in the end they came and after the formal part we boarded the college bus (hilarious!) to get to the city centre to find a nice place to chill and have something to eat and drink.
It was so lovely I tell you.
There were 5 students from 4 different countries, plus me which gives us 5 different nationalities. The rep of the the sixth nationality joined us later.
As I don’t live in Plymouth i relied on the rest of the party to pick a place and agreed to go wherever they wanted to. As we were travelling on the bus I saw a Talbot, very similar to ours and told everyone ‘look, look, we have something very similar and that’s going to be my home for the next year’ … Can you imagine me on the bus shouting like a little, overexcited girl? I am sure you can 😉

It was quite funny that when we got to the city centre I pointed out at the first pub and said ‘ that one looks OK’… my students frowned up on me and said: NO Kat, that is NOT a nice place. It is a place full of strange people, and has smelly carpets (most of pubs in the UK have smelly carpets!) in short it is a DODGY place.
‘Where do you want to go then?’ – I asked.
Then one of the gents said with pride: ‘Of course we are going to Barbican, the nicest place in Plymouth’…

I couldn’t be happier.
Not such a long time ago, about 100 years, Barbican used to be a fishing village outside Plymouth. Now it is almost in its centre and it is beautiful. In olden days it was an industrial area, thriving on fishing. Today it is full of beautiful restaurants and arty-crafty shops and galleries. It is also a great showroom of the most expensive yachts in the city.

Thinking about our jolly party, we knew each other from college, but we never did anything  beyond classes. But those few people who came to the last session, really wanted to spend an evening together. probably by now you know we had a lovely time.

When you move to a different country you leave everything behind. Your people and places, your little rituals… and believe me it is not easy to build meaningful relationships from scratch. Especially in the UK where people people are quite reserved and social interactions are subject of little rules and customs which may puzzle the outsiders.

Those few hours we’ve spent together were like going back home. I had a feeling we all knew each other for ages and been good friends. And I tell you, it was not about our background, languages or ages. We’ve had this deep connection of people who are away from homes, trying to build their lives in a new country, experiencing similar challenges and missing the same things.

This evening took us back to Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Afghanistan and Poland because the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed that we all managed to feel like back home.

I couldn’t imagine a nicer evening. We were laughing and enjoying a beautiful, warm afternoon which didn’t turn in an evening till very late!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone. If you have a similar outlook on life, seek for similar things you will be friends from day one. I will treasure this evening for a long time.

I am sure we will have a great catch up in October. All of the students are excited about my journey and I am sure we will be in touch. They say I am brave.

Aren’t we all brave? It takes a lot of bravery to live your life beautifully 😉

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